Team UGA ®  at the University of Georgia today launched, a new website dedicated to seashore paspalum turfgrass. Originally created in 2016 to serve as a resource on the proper use, maintenance, and research of this highly salt-tolerant family of grasses, the new site has a new domain and updated content to better serve the members of the turf industry who want to learn about this salt tolerant turf. Team UGA consists of experts in warm season turfgrass breeding, pest resistance, management, licensing, certification, and foundation plant material production.

The website was developed by Team UGA, utilizing the expertise of turfgrass researchers at the University of Georgia, led by Dr. Paul Raymer, renowned breeder of seashore paspalum turfgrass varieties and director of the turfgrass breeding and genetics research program at the University of Georgia campus in Griffin.

“We are pleased to launch the website at a new domain for two reasons,” says Raymer. “First, this makes it easier to find Team UGA ® on the web, and secondly, it more clearly identifies our research program as the source of the site’s information.”

The website serves as a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for turfgrass professionals who are looking for information on planting, growing and maintaining seashore paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum) turfgrass. The website provides information on the benefits of seashore paspalum turf, as well as management tips for fertilization, mowing, disease control, insect control, and weed control, plus links to articles about the grass. The website also features a history of the Team UGA turfgrass breeding program, and a blog managed by Raymer.

Seashore paspalum turfgrass is widely used on golf courses, sports fields and lawns around the world. This warm-season family of grasses is highly desired for its salt tolerance, ability to withstand varying levels of water quality, for its environmentally friendly low fertilization requirements, and for its beauty and playability. The University of Georgia has released four varieties of seashore paspalum: SeaIsle 1, Sea Isle 2000, SeaIsle Supreme, and SeaStar seashore paspalum. Links to sod producers growing Team UGA varieties are also included on the site.

Cooperating entities responsible for the website are: Innovation Gateway, UGA’s commercialization arm; Georgia Seed Development; and Georgia Crop Improvement Association.

Team UGA ®  is a registered trademark owned by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, by and on behalf of the University of Georgia. was created by the team at the What’s Your Avocado? Marketing & Public Relations based in Mount Vernon, Washington.